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The Kids Are Alright

So, sometimes, you know, you’re together for so long, that you just… You stop seeing the other person. You just see weird projections of your own junk. Instead of talking to each other, you go off the rails and act grubby and make stupid choices… You know if I read more Russian novels, then…

I write reviews for the movies I’ve seen recently. I don’t mind doing requests for reviews, but the problem with that is I don’t remember what I liked and disliked about the movie, not the specifics anyway. I don’t always have my critic senses on when I’m watching movies, so writing a review for a movie I’ve seen before will only result in a vague, imprecise [in other words, half-assed] review. I figured though, since it was Oscar season [two days away, to be exact], why not write a review for one of the only Oscar-nominated movies I’ve seen this year. That number, by the way, is very small. I’m disappointed in myself; I know I should have watched more Best Picture movies, no need to rub it in! Anyway, I digress… like I usually do. Someone, ahem LESLEIGH, asked for a review. I think I saw this movie within the past two months… I’m pretty sure my critic senses were off, but I think I can write an adequate review.

The Kids Are Alright tells the story a lesbian couple with two children, 18-year old Joni about to go off to college and 15-year old Laser, who contact their sperm donor. I don’t remember this movie very well, but I distinctly remember it following the standard film plot and development: the introduction, the commencement of the plot, the build-up, the climax, the falling-out, and the conclusion. I guess you can call this a typical, cookie-cutter film, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Many great and classic movies follow the standard plot and development. Overall, The Kids Are Alright is an enjoyable, fascinating, and honest film of a study of family life. Although well-written and resplendent with impressive performances, it’s pretty forgettable.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before in one of my previous reviews, but I will say it anyway because I like to talk a lot. I think what makes a movie special is when it makes you feel something or it accomplishes something. The Kids Are Alright is the latter, accomplishing the grueling task of making homosexual relationships be nothing out of the ordinary. I say that with sarcasm, by the way. Almost all the time, when the media depicts non-heterosexual relationships, it’s all about being gay. When heterosexual relationships are depicted in the media, they are not identified as the heterosexual couples in love, they are just a couple. As opposed to non-heterosexual couples, they are identified as the gay couples and that is what their relationship is all about. It’s not about how romantic, or how passionate, or how exciting their relationship is. It’s just about how they have a non-heterosexual relationship and all the difficulties that go along with that. I hope I don’t come off homophobic, I’m just saying gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered romances should be identified as those passionate romances, not those gay passionate romances. Seriously, it shouldn’t even matter. It should just be “a passionate romance… oh, it’s about this dude and he falls head over heels over this one guy”. I mean that’s how heterosexual romances are portrayed, “a love story… oh it’s about this chick that falls in love at first sight with this one guy”. Anyway, I digress… as usual.

The film accomplishes in representing itself not as a movie about a lesbian couple, but a movie about a family and their encounter with a man who just happen to help them create their family.

Other themes are also in the movie like kids growing up and moving on to college, the hardships of marriages, blah blah. I don’t mean to sound indifferent. It’s a nice film, and those themes give depth. I think those are what make the audience feel something. I’m sure I felt something at the time when I watched it, but I guess the feeling wasn’t prominent enough for me to remember it now, a month later. I vaguely remember though feeling for Laser as his older sister left for college, and he would be the only child in the household. Aww, I’m going to be lonely for the next school year. *rocks back and forth* Only child in the household….

What I do remember distinctly was the excessive amounts of… umm… vivid sex scenes. I saw this movie with my mom and sister in the room. Needless to say, watching ahem and ahem hump the life out of each other was just awkward. That was censored for those who don’t like spoilers. In addition to the humpfest, the gay porn and other stuff were also awkward. Ohhh, you’ll see.

Heheh, you should watch this movie with your mom.